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Application process


As part of the interview we offer you a variety of positions and fields of activity.

You can decide in which customer´s projects you would like to work for us.

During a customer’s visit you have the possibility to get to know the customer’s environment.

If both you and the customer are satisfied, the project can start, and we are pleased to welcome you in the team of Equip!

Questions and Answers

Why should I apply at Equip?
If personal support, personal esteem, personal loyalty, socially oriented employer and fun are important for you, you should definitely contact us.

Which benefits will I have?
I have got a key contact person for several positions and therefore my chances for the convenient position increase even amongst those, which are put out for public tender. I get assistance for being well prepared for the interview and if necessary I will be accompanied.

How does the hiring process work?
As explained earlier in a personal, quick and uncomplicated way.

What does this mean for me?
I am always on the most current status of my application, I am always assisted by my recruiter.

How do I get to know the customer?
At the first job interview where you are accompanied by us. There you have got the possibility to get to know the customer, the working environment and your colleagues.

Who is responsible for me?
Equip as your contract partner.

What shall I do, if I have problems concerning work at the customer’s?Please contact us immediately about any concerns we will supervise and support you in dealing with the customer any time.

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