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Equip GmbH


are an Austrian IT service providing company and since 2002 we are specialized in the successful implementation of IT-Projects.

One of our responsibilities is to support our customers in their searching for suitable and qualified personnel by means of project staffing, personnel leasing or recruitment.

Equip GmbH - our values:
If personality, quality, respect and loyalty are important for you, then you are just in the right place with us.

Benefit from our more than 15 years’ experience and our excellent team. We are used to be up to date and ready to offer you some assistance and advice, whenever needed.

Our strengths

We find that only those who know their candidates can stuff their IT-projects appropriately. Therefore we recruit our candidates personally. Satisfaction of all parties is the top priority for Equip.

We provide our customers with an extensive service from fast response times through individual and personal supervision to warranty services as well as targeted and success-oriented pricing.

We have got an extensive candidate pool and can therefore offer a wide variety of IT services.

Our staff and management have got broad know-how and experience in the IT branch.

We can also show many years’ experience in the mainframe area.

The range of services offered by Equip stretches from planning through implementation, quality assurance, and commissioning maintenance up to the final phase.

What our employees say about Equip


Alexander M.

Java Developer

"What I like most are the social commitment as well as the professional and reliable support.

The cooperation works even beyond the boundaries of a project. I feel as a part of the whole and fully integrated in the project. I can also position myself within the team. I have the possibility to perform certain tasks which are valued by the team."


Sandra L.

administration - personal - marketing

"I have been working for Equip for many years and I am proud and happy that I have been able to contribute to the development of Equip. I am honored to be responsible for various areas and changes in the everyday working life are very important for me. Moreover the cooperation within

 team and with the CEOs is always very relaxed, funny, social and respectful – that really makes the job enjoyable."




Peter M.

Java Developer

"I really like to work for Equip, because for me not only the job is important but also the working environment, and both of which are possible with our CEOs and our team. What I like best on my current project is the possibility to change from an outdated technology to a modern one. It’s more fun to solve problems with modern technology."




Requirements Engineer

"I like to work in this company, because I enjoy working in a team with friendly and competent colleagues who respect each other and where the work-life-balance is actually balanced."

If you have any further questions, please contract us.

mail: office(at)

Phone: 0043 2235 211 83 - 0