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Our models suitable for your requirements

Equip offers an extensive range of services.


Do you need new employees in your company? We can preselect your potential candidates free of charge and introduce only those who fit your requirements. Only in case of a working relationship we charge a fair contribution fee.

Project handling

We support you with the project implementation with adequate resources and provide them for you for the short or long term.

Personnel leasing

In this area again we just offer the best candidates. Of course, you may determine the time frame.


We cover the entire range of IT-areas to be able to serve and advise you in the best possible way.

You can find an overview of our services here:

Individual Programming (Web, Frontend, Backend, Mobile)
Analysis (Business/Technical)
Project Management
Programming & Implementation
Release Management
Migration Support in Analysis, Planning, Implementation, Documentation & Support
Advice & Support
et al


We are used to be always up to date and to help in word and deed.



Prompt Access to IT-Experts
Success-Oriented Cooperation
Warranty Services
Goal- and Success-Oriented Pricing

Warranty services

If necessary Equip guarantees a suitable replacement of candidates during the first three month. Within a reasonable time, we offer an appropriate substitute (=employee with corresponding profile) with the same salary expectation.



Our reference projects show Equip’s successful concept. They include individual customer requirements, services offered by our specialists, access to a variety of professionals with the help of an extensive network of partners and prompt availability of our candidates.